Thursday, June 9, 2011

SOME might say that great sex is something out of habit, partly based on the level of tension, and so on. There are five types of sex that you can choose.

Sex releases the tension built slowly through the foreplay. With every minute you spend together, you're actually building a mentally and spiritually before finally releasing it.

There are many kinds of tensions and spark sex with each to create a great sex, such as Marie Claire reviewed.

Make up sex

Make-up sex is a release of tension created by an argument. This is interesting because of contact with the masochistic side of human emotional pain caused by high contention cured 'tension' other during sex. This type of sex is usually performed by couples after arguing with their respective arguments.

Random sex

Love one night this type. When done, you feel a tremendous feeling, but after that you can overcome bad feelings and guilt because of all the consequences and risks that may be taken.